Coaching Tips to Build Skills in all 4 Dimensions


To improve my Red Decision-Making Skills:   

  • Speed up.  Act stronger.  Focus my attention on taking action.
  • Zero in on making decisions and getting results.
  • Ask tough questions to make sure I get it right.

To deepen my Yellow Understanding Skills: 

  • Slow down.  Focus my attention on getting all the data and knowing the details.
  • Take time to do more careful planning.  Make lists.  Be more systematic.
  • Pay attention to what others need. Check out how they are feeling.

To expand my Green Creativity Skills:

  • Stay positive.  Focus my attention on turning each challenge into an opportunity.
  • Relax.  Be more flexible and adaptable, less rigid and structured.
  • Generate 3 options before I make any decision. Ask 'what if... ?' Say 'yes' ...more.

To strengthen my White Personal Spirit

  • Choose to be optimistic. Focus on possibilities, not problems. Work hard to find solutions.
  • When things don't go well, ask - "What's the one positive lesson I can take from this? What's a hidden opportunity here?"
  • Jot down three things I am grateful for.  Take initiative.

Coaching Tips on Building Better Relationships


We all think differently.  People can be in different states of mind.  Here are some tips to help shift thinking and connect better with other people.



To work smarter with people in the Red Decisive Mindset:

  • Shift gears and get down to business. Don't waffle. Get to the point.
  • Speed up. Take a stand. Argue more. Push for answers. Focus on getting things done.
  • Ask questions like- 'Why?' 'Why should we?' 'What's the decision? 'Show me.'

To work smarter with people in the Yellow Understanding Mindset:

  • Listen. Put myself in their shoes. Understand what they need.
  • Work together to make a plan. Focus on specific information.
  • Ask questions like 'How are you feeling?' 'What more do you need to know?' 'How do we organize it?'

To work smarter with people in the High Green Creative Mindset:

  • Relax. Open up. Be ready to play with their ideas. Explore options with them.
  • Focus on possibilities and opportunities, not the obstacles and negativities
  • Ask questions like ‘What other options can we come up with?’ ‘What’s a great solution look like?’ ‘What’s the hidden opportunity here?’

To work smarter with Personal Spirit:

  • If their spirit is low, be very supportive. Let them know I care
  • If they feel overwhelmed, help them take small steps to keep moving forward
  • If they show enthusiasm and initiative, go with their positive energy and make it happen


Next Step:  What is my 4D-i?

By design, the Mini 4D-i® (which you have just done) gives a modest estimate of your unique thinking style.  It's purpose is to give you a brief introduction to the concepts of "Red" Decision-Making, "Yellow" Understanding, "Green" Creativity, and "Personal Spirit". 

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